Do you have a keen eye for details and enjoy the challenge of performing inspections on very complex components? Are you ready to grow and develop your quality inspection skills in a fast-paced, collaborative environment?

We are looking for a Quality Inspector who is responsible for interpreting blueprints and sketches to ensure that dimensional characteristics of size, shape, and feature location are correct and meet specific standards before they are used in the manufacturing process. Success comes from being optimistic, collaborative, and detail oriented. We value our people and fully support and foster continual learning to take your knowledge and skills to the next level. Are you ready to play an indispensable role and have fun in the process?

Keep reading IF:

YOU ARE AN EXCEPTIONAL TEAM PLAYER with a flexible style who cares about supporting and setting their team up for success. You have the ability to adjust to different communications styles and promote positive interactions so that the team works well together, by showing compassion and creating meaningful bonds with team members to encourage continuous relationship building and drive positive impacts on company culture.

YOU TAKE FULL OWNERSHIP AND VALUE follow through on tasks and take pride in your work, knowing that what you do matters to the success of the company.

YOU ARE DETAIL ORIENTED AND ORGANIZED yet flexible to changes during the day. You are meticulous in the preparation, review, recording results and the execution of inspections by documenting everything accurately.


Within the first 30 days and ongoing:

• Learns L.A. Gauge’s mission, core values, vision, operations, policies, and safety procedures.

• Meets and builds rapport with Machinists, Quality Inspectors, and the Quality Manager.

• Successfully reviews and reads blueprints, to determine part dimensions and tolerances of finished work pieces, understands the sequence of operations, and setup requirements.

• Possesses the ability to look at a part, and the blueprints to identify the ideal method to use in the inspection, correctly using the CMM when necessary.

• Becomes familiar with the variety of L.A. Gauge products and parts and can identify issues and communicate with Machinists during spot checks in the machine, accurately identifying when to escalate issues to the Quality Manager.

• Demonstrates the ability to utilize precision hand tools such as a micrometer, caliper, go/no-go gauges, and surface plate setups.

• Accurately records and saves information correctly in Excel spreadsheets for hardware dimensions found in inspections.

• Performs a first article inspection with no issues.

3 months and ongoing:

• Shows the ability to inspect the toughest components with extreme tolerances, demonstrating proficiency and accuracy in the inspection of 100% of features.

• Increases speed when performing first article inspections and time spent is within the time standards for that inspection.

• Independently performs 2nd tier first article inspections and can handle inspections with more complicated features.

• Actively engages and builds accountability and trust in bi-weekly meetings by taking on action items that support success in the inspection process and identifies and shares areas of improvement.

• Independent in role and demonstrates the ability to focus for long periods of time, accurately inspecting complicated parts with caution, patience and hitting timelines for inspections.

6 months and ongoing:

• Begins to set up parts and create CMM programs, demonstrating more technical knowledge for various components.

• Independently performs all inspections with a high degree of accuracy.

• Trouble shoots issues that arise during an inspection and develops a corrective action plan, communicating those changes to the Machinist in a timely manner for decreased time to complete the inspection/re-work process.

• Is seen as a dependable team player that is ready and willing to jump in and support the team to get the job done correctly and on time.

• Successfully leads the production team in stand-up meetings in the morning to going over the products that must go out by the end of the day. Successfully drives the Machinists to complete the jobs that must be inspected in order meet the delivery requirements.

9-12 months and ongoing:

• Has developed strong, trusted professional relationships with colleagues and is the go-to for questions.

• Works closely with Production Control to schedule, drive and organize work, trouble-shooting problems and bringing workable solutions.

• Trains, coaches, and motivates new Inspectors when there are strengths/weaknesses identified, supporting Managers in developing employees.

• Takes an active role in customer communications to obtain the correct requirements and to update them on reworks.

• Has met with Quality Manager to discuss career path options and the training/steps necessary to grow and move to the next level professionally.


  • High School Diploma or GED required
  • 3+ years’ experience in an Inspection environment in the Aerospace Industry require
  • Demonstrated ability to use and understand machinist’s tools EX: micrometers, calipers, indicators required
  • Must have ability to apply basic math skills required
  • Able to lift up to 30 lbs. required
  • Advanced computer skills working with various programs including MS office suite and CMM software such as Zeiss, Calypso, & Manual QC 5000 required
  • Knowledge of manual machines, lathes, and bridgeport grinders required
  • Knowledge of Aerospace standards (ex. AS9100, ISO9001) preferred


L.A. Gauge Company provides ultra-precision machining services to produce the most complex and tight tolerance hardware required for the Aerospace and Defense industry. L.A. Gauge has grown rapidly over the last few years and continues to grow. Our core values reflect our company’s principles and beliefs that shape our culture as an organization. These values are at the forefront of any decision making with our team and our customers. We value continuous improvement, humble confidence, attention to detail, full ownership, and excellent communication.


Competitive salary, Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance, 401(K) Plan with Company Matching, Paid Time Off, Life and AD&D Insurance, Company Paid Training, Employee Bonus Referral Program.